Three Ways AI Will Do More Good Than Harm

And How It Will Unlock True Human Creativity

It’s no mystery that artificial intelligence is going to diminish several industries. Whether it’s solving basic legal issues or a trucking on a long highway, the capabilities for AI to accomplish mundane tasks is high and is only growing higher. It’s been said in the movies, but now that the AI revolution is finally here, what jobs are going to stay and which ones are going to go?

Humankind has had a long history of innovating and eliminating jobs as technological booms occur. This monumental shift is no different from the magnitude that the industrial revolution had in the 18th and 19th centuries. Sure, the technology may be more advanced due to Moore’s Law, but the precedent that millions of jobs will be lost remains the same. Although true, people are thinking about this the wrong way.

  • While millions of jobs will be eliminated, millions are also going to be created as well. Fear mongering does no good when there is so much potential on the horizon. Many tech leaders agree. Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt sees a future where robots and AI are working with humans, not instead of them. Mark Zuckerberg is also bullish on the potential of AI.

    Fear mongering aside, there are hundreds of meaningful tasks that AI will help people spend more time on. Below is a list of three of them that are going to have an impact in the next five years.

AI Will Automate The Meaningless Tasks
  • Let’s consider an artist who is a freelancer. They need to go out and find customers, file paperwork, make sure they are tax compliant, check to see if there are no typos on the invoice, respond to 79 emails for the day, and maybe they have time to draw for a few hours. Imagine if all those mundane tasks were handled, and this freelancer had more time to draw for their clients. This will boost their revenue, productivity, and overall sense of purpose.

    This is how humans will work with AI in the future. Sure, AI may be able to accomplish many tasks, but humans are just going to leverage that to become much more productive so they can spend more time working on things they bring purpose to their lives.

AI Will Write Data Driven Content At Scale
  • Oftentimes, people are all given mindless tasks to working on. Whether it’s data entry, creating a business plan, or getting ready for the big quarterly meeting, it’s hard to avoid spending time writing data driven posts instead of working on something else.

    Companies like Arria, Narrative Science, and Yseop are working on a technology called natural language generation, which could solve this problem. NLG is a machine learning driven technology that takes lines of data and creates readable and natural paragraphs from it.

    One could have hundreds of lines of financial data, and after using one of these softwares, have a financial report created with graphs, seemingly created by a human.

    This is just another example of AI automating the repetitive tasks so humans can work on more creative ones that mean more to them, versus just doing data entry eight hours a day.

AI Will Create Industries We Cannot Imagine

The multi-billion dollar ride sharing industry could not have been made possible without the creation of the iPhone. Facebook, and their two billion users, could not have been started without the widespread adoption of the internet.

AI is going to spawn the creation of technology that will be the backbone of several billion dollar industries that no one can fathom yet. Just like in 2006, the idea of getting into a strangers car to drive someone around sounded creepy. Who knows what the Uber of 2025 will be.

Yes, AI will eliminate jobs. But, once people get over that fact, there are so many great things that can come from AI. Fear mongering is always going to exist, but the chance to improve the world with this new technology has never been greater.

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